Topsoil Stockport

Do you live in Stockport?

If you live in Stockport and are looking to buy high quality topsoil either in bags or in bulk then you’ll be pleased to know that the Manchester Topsoil Company are the leading suppliers in the Bredbury area

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the top 2 or 3 inches of ground in which your new turf, seeds, shrubs and plants will be trying to make root and find goodness and nutrients in so it is vital that this area is in an organic state by using a good quality farm sourced blended growing medium

How Do I Order?
Ordering from the Manchester Topsoil Company is very easy, just give us a call or send a message via the website and we will arrange you a fast delivery using our own crane mounted trucks.

Topsoil Stockport

topsoil stockport

topsoil stockport


Topsoil Stockport are a division of the Manchester Topsoil company, a long established family run business widely regarded as the top company in the area when it comes to the supply of quality growing mediums.

Growing Fruit & Veg In Stockport

Fruit and vegetable growing is growing rapidly in popularity in the Stockport area and is also proving popular in the surrounding areas such as Bramhall , Alderley Edge , Poynton and Heaton Chapel. Fruit and veg growing is a great way of getting out of the house for a few hours each week and also a fine way of encouraging young children to eat healthy and eat good fresh produce.

Topsoil Delivery

Delivery of topsoil is just as important of the product quality, we offer a reliable delivery service with our own fleet of morn trucks all fitted with crane off load facility