High Quality Lancashire Loam Soil

The backbone of our soil is natural Lancashire Loam soil, the soil in certain pockets of west Lancashire is amongst the finest that the country has to offer

What is Loam soil?

Loam soils are a mixture of sand, silt and clay that are combined to avoid the negative effects of each type. These soils are fertile, easy to work with and provide good drainage. Depending on their predominant composition they can be either sandy or clay loam. The great thing about the loam we source here in Lancashire is that it is a light friable sand based loam, As these soils are a perfect balance of soil particles, they are considered to be a gardeners best friend, but still benefit from topping up with additional organic matter.

Wait, it gets better!

Not only is our Loam some of the best available in the country but we actually source it from lagoon excavations on farms which means that it is virgin soil that reduces the likelihood that it has been exposed to any herbicides or man made fertilisers and it means that it has not been intensively farmed and worn out like the top layer of farm soil that most suppliers use creating a need for crop rotation and added fertiliser.