Call Our Turf & Soil Order Line

Ordering your topsoil and turf is very simple, the easiest way is to submit a message below and we will get back to you within 30 minutes via email or by telephone if you provide a contact number, we are also available on 0161 300 9364 although being a small team quite often in busy times we can be down the field harvesting turf or blending soil, on such occasions we will divert the calls over to our mobile or when this is not possible we have an answering machine which we check every 30 minutes so if you leave a message we will always get back to you to discuss orders or just to have a natter about the products or your gardening project.

Delivery – please give us as much info regarding the delivery and please consider upon ordering that we operate pretty large grab vehicles like you would typically see the large builders merchants operating, sometimes especially on Saturdays getting around the streets can be a little tricky with most houses now having at least 3 cars each, having said that 99% of deliveries are a success and we will always do our very best for you !

Collections – We are no longer available for collections,  unfortunately we stopped offering collections around 10 years ago due to the health and safety issues involved with bringing joe public out to working fields/farms we own and rent land across an area spanning 30 miles from Lancashire to the south manchester/Cheshire border and we operate direct from the field, we can however  cater to trade customers who have appropriate vehicles for collecting bulky goods.


PLease Note that turf is classed as being a highly perishable product, we advise you to inspect the goods thoroughly on delivery and contact us immediately by phone and the contact form below before installing the goods if you are dissatisfied in any way, we will not be held responsible for any deterioration after the product has been accepted by the customer or their agent.Because we supply living products we do not offer refunds